Phillips Family Name

Phillips Family Name

The highlights:

  • Name means: “lover of horses” or “friend of horses.” or ‘great horseman’
  • The First Language Spoken by the Phillips Family of Wales was Brythonic Celtic
  • The Phillips Crest, granted by King Richard I to Aaron Phillips
  • Phillips motto is ‘mens conscia recti’ (“In our inner mind, we know what is right”)

Origins of the Phillips name and family are found in Wales, though some of the family may have emigrated there from an area in Europe. Also found in Prussia, Netherlands, and areas now part of Germany

Welsh family later migrated to Lincolnshire & Somerset (England), America (Massachusetts Phillips and New Jersey families, Phillips 1st/3rd Charters of Virginia, North Carolina), and Canada

Large family to include millions of descendants and as surnames were originally less necessary, before 1010, name did not originally mean being a relation.

15th – 19th centuries, Powerful family of Philippses of Picton Castle in Pembrokeshire Wales with vast estates, becoming sheriffs, judiciary and members of Parliament (also supported development of Charity/Public Schools). Powerful in Wales, London England and Ireland as “Justiciar of Ireland “.

Meaning of Phillips Name
Patronymic. in many variations, from the personal male first name or woman’s name, latinized Philippa

Adding “s” causes name to mean “son/daughter of Philip”

  • Philip in English, Dutch, North German, Jewish:
  • Filippi in Italian,
  • Filipowicz in Polish surname of Phillips

9,056,147 Historical Documents & Family Trees with Phillips
2,021,853 Census and Voter Lists
191,498 Immigration Records
2,365,475 Birth, Marriage, and Deaths
4,147,595 Member Family Trees
329,726 Military Records

Phillip is from the Greek: “Philippos or Philippus”, compound of “philein”, to love, and “hippos”, horse. Hence, “lover of horses” or “friend of horses.”
Vernacular form is Phelip.

Phillips surname with a “Ph” shown as ‘Alicia Philippes’ in the 1273 “Hundred Rolls of Huntingdonshire” (during reign of King Edward I)

Less popular after reigns of Mary and Elizabeth for patriotic reasons (anti phillip).

The First Language Spoken by the Phillips Family of Wales was Brythonic Celtic.

Which converted to many spellings on made English:
Philip, Philips, Philipse, Phillipp, Phillipps, Phillphs, Phillipss, Phillips, Phillpse, Philp, Philps, Phillp, Phillps, Phelips, Phelops, Phelp, Phelps, Phalp

Phillips first usage in 12th century is Jevan Phillips (Ffylib ap Jevan).


WALES: Phillips: Philip

  • First usage: Cadivor Mawr, Prince of Pembroke
    (Cousin of Rhodri Mawr, first recorded King of Wales)
    King Richard I (1189-1199) gave Aaron, great grandson of Cadivor, the Phillips family coat-of-arms for services in the third crusade to the Holy Land
  • 1500
    Several early saints & therefore forename in Medieval England.
    Popular name in Wales
  • 1701
    Marriages Philip, Philipp, Philipps, Philips, Phillip, Phillipp, Phillips…
    Philipps chosen spelling of the family of Picton Caslte (Pembrokeshire)
  • 1800 very common in Pembrokeshire, though some may be of southwest English origin.
  • 1813-37 Found across South & West Wales (less in North & East

SCOTLAND: Phillips: Philip

  • 1296 Philip of Macedon, father of Alexander the Great. Rauf Philippe, a Berwickshire landowner : Robert Phillope was sheriff clerk of Dunfries
  • 1473 Stephen Philp bailie of Newburgh. Sir James Philp curate at Abdie
  • 1522 John Philp abbot of Lindores (1522 to 1560). MacPhillips also popular
  • 1629 James Philip, Angus laird & author of the 1689 Graemiad poem.
    Common in Fife (it also approximates to the local pronunciation).

IRELAND: Phillips: Philip

Phillips in place of Philbin. Mac added in Cavan and Monaghan, branch of the Scottish clan MacDonnell of Keppoch. (Mac) Philbin

England: Phillips: Philip

  • Philip of Macedon, the father of Alexander the Greatcreated popularity in Greece, Asia Minor& W Europe
  • 1060 Name of five Kings of France
    Philip the 1st who reigned from 1060 to 1108
  • 12th century forename Philip became popular (via France)
  • 1142 “Filippus” in the Documents relating to the Danelaw, Lincolnshire
  • 1150 “Philipus” in the Gilbertine Houses Charters of Lincolnshire
  • 1273 Henry Phelipe (in Hundred Rolls of Norfolk earliest recorded “Ph” spelling surname in England (Alicia Philippes and Ellis ‘fil’ Philip of Huntingdonshire)

America: Phillips: Philip

The Phillips who came to America (and later to Canada) migrated first from Wales to Lincolnshire (aka Lincoln County, England)

  • Massachusetts Phillips
  • New Jersey families,
  • Phillips 1st/3rd Charters of Virginia, North Carolina
  • New Amsterdam (New York) German and Dutch immigrant families

Canada: Phillips: Philip

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